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About Norridge

Through the efforts of the Annexation Improvement Club, Norridge was incorporated, by referendum, on December 4, 1948. There were 578 votes for, 195 against. Population was 1,675. The area was approximately 80 acres. Bounded on the south by Irving Park Road (originally called Plank Road), Ozanam Ave. on the west (originally called Phillips Road), Montrose Ave on the north and Harlem Ave., on the east. Norridge became a “Home Rule” Community by referendum on May 1, 1973. The name “Norridge” was suggested by resident Mrs. Link. “Nor” from Norwood Park Township and “Ridge” from the nearby suburb of Park Ridge and joining them together to make the name Norridge. The Annexation Improvement Club changed its name to the Norridge Improvement Club and put together a group of candidates to form the first government of the new village.

The first Village Board was elected in February 1949 and consisted of: Karl A. Kuchar, President (1949-51), Harold Dierkes, Village Clerk, (1949-74) and Trustees Joseph Kloth (1949-51), Robert Stark (1949-51), Henry Hinrichson (1949-51), John Kruk (1949-51) and Henry Koeber, Jr (1949-51). Joseph Sieb was appointed Building Inspector. In 1951, he was appointed to the Board to replace Karl A. Kuchar who resigned. Joe Sieb was appointed President of the Board on November 14, 1951. He was repeatedly reelected and served continuously for 46 years and 222 days until his death on June 23, 1998. As of that date, he was the longest-serving official in the state of Illinois.

The first official Board meeting was held in February 1949 at the home of Village Clerk Harold Dierkes, at 4321 N. Ozanam Ave. This became the Village “office” for the first five years. The village public meetings were held in the Norwood Park Volunteer Fire house at 4348 N. Ottawa Ave. until the Village Hall was built in 1954, at 4020 N. Olcott Ave. It consisted of three small offices and an attached, large 2-truck garage. The mayor’s office, Village Clerk’s office and the Police Department office were located in that building. The Norridge Police would hold prisoners in the jail cells at the River Grove Police Station. Police radio service was also provided by River Grove. Weather permitting, meetings were held in the garage; the trucks were moved out and folding chairs were set up.

Over time this building had several expansions which provided municipal offices, a council chamber for their public meetings and police facilities, including a 3-cell jail. The new, enlarged Village Hall was dedicated October 20, 1990, at the corner of Olcott Ave. and Irving Park Road. This property had been the location of an abandoned gas station that had blown up a few years earlier. The original Village Hall was converted into a police facility. This Village of “Norridge” is the only community in the world named Norridge. This research was done, in 2002, by Colin Muffet for a friend, John Linford, who is the owner of the pub “The Marlborough Arms” of Norwich, England. Norwich is pronounced “Noritch” in the local Norfolk dialect. This curiosity came about because of John Linford buying, for his pub, an old Norridge village sign at an auction in the Netherlands. John is a collector of unique artifacts to decorate his pub. His curiosity about the signs’ origin led Colin to search the Internet and finally contacting the Norridge Village Hall on October 15, 2002.

This led to extensive exchange of communications, via the Internet, between Mr. Muffet and the Norridge Deputy Village Clerk, Robert O’Brien. Robert and his fiancé, Laura Green, vacationed in England and visited John Linford. They brought a Norridge flag, old and new street signs. On April 2, 2003, John Linford, Colin Muffet and Niel Quinlan came to visit Norridge while attending an Antique Juke Box show in St. Charles, Illinois. In 1954 Norridge doubled its size when it annexed the area between Montrose Ave. and Lawrence Ave. Norridge continued its growth by additional annexations north to Foster Ave., west to Dee Road and east to Sayer Ave. It now encompasses approximately two square miles. The population at the time of incorporation was 1,675. It reached 18,043 in 1971. At the last census in 2000 it was 14,582.

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