Rental Application Submitted

Your Rental Application Has Been Partially Submitted

Next Step is to Complete the Pet Screening


Pet Screning

Almost there, your rental application has been partially submitted.  But, there is one more step that you must take, and that is PetScreening.

Regardless if you have pets or not, all applicants MUST complete the PetScreening, even if you do not have a pet or animal.


  1. Your debit/credit card was charged a non-refundable application fee of $49.99.
  2. It typically takes 24-48 hours to process your Rental Application .
  3. If you do not hear back from the Leasing Agent within 36 HRS, please contact the Leasing Agent for future information. 
  4. In the event your Rental Application is incomplete and/or you did not provide required Supporting Documents:
    (a) copy of your Driver’s License, State ID, or Passport;
    (b) 12 months of bank statements, showing your rent payments to your current landlord; and
    (c) 2 most recent paystubs. If you are self-employed, please provide 2 years of SIGNED tax returns.
  5. Any misrepresentation made in a Rental Application or other documents or omitting any pertinent information may result in your Rental Application not being processed, until fully completed, subject to property’s availability.
  6. You may email any additional information to please make sure to reference the property you are applying for.